MAC Football Power Rankings Week 12: The Top Is Thinning Out

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

As we sprint to the finish line in the MAC regular season, the top gets a little bit thiner, but denser at the same time. Luckily the No. 1 and No. 2 teams and No. 3 and No. 4 teams face off this week to hopefully clear up the image a bit more.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 1 NIU 9-0 (5-0) Bye-week. Nothing to see here.
2 2 Ball State 9-1 (5-0) Ball State might have let CMU rattle off some points late in the game, but it still managed to win by 20 illustrating just how dominate the Cardinals are. Keith Wenning covered the spread in the first 17 minutes of the game. BSU's offense is rolling, and the defense is vastly underrated. The gap between BSU and No. 1 NIU has been shrinking week-by-week, and this week it all comes to fruition. The two teams face off Wednesday night in the biggest MAC matchup in recent years.
3 3 Toledo 6-3 (4-1) Bye-week. Nothing to see here.
4 4 Buffalo

7-2 (5-0)

The Bulls are who we thought they were. The only knock on Buffalo had been that its wins, though impressive, had come against inferior opponents. Then Tuesday happened. The Bulls man-handled Ohio 30-3, and even if the awful calls never happened, the 'cats never stood a chance. Buffalo's defense is smothering, and Joe Licata and Brnadon Oliver are a dynamic duo right now on offense.
5 5 Bowling Green 8-3 (4-1) The Falcons continue to win the games they should. Bowling Green destroyed woeful Miami Tuesday night on ESPNU. The offense continues to click as Matt Johnson and Travis Greene each added to their impressive stat sheets. It's still hard to judge just how good that team is right now. But with a home win against Ohio Tuesday, that will change quickly.
5 5 Ohio

6-3 (3-2)

The 'Cats annual late-season choke has happened. Ohio now is practically eliminated from any shot at a MAC East championship. Once again the Bobcats failed to show up in a big game, this time suffering one of their worst losses in recent years. Tyler Tettleton played the worst game of his career, and with a tough game at Bowling Green this week, its hard to see Ohio bouncing back.
7 7 CMU 3-6 (2-3) Central lost, as expected, though it did bust Ball state's chances of covering the spread. Zurlon Tipton is back too and actually looked good, rushing for a touchdown in the loss. CMU always had potential to be dangerous this season. With games left against WMU, UMass, and EMU, the Chippewas could stumble into being bowl eligible for the second straight season.
8 8 Akron

3-7 (2-4) Bye-week. Nothing to see here.
9 9 Kent State

2-8 (1-5)

Bye-week. Nothing to see here.
10 10 EMU

2-8 (1-5)

The Eagles week was rough. Ron English was canned after a recording of him despicably berating the players just one-day before the Eagles took on WMU. Somehow, someway, EMU managed to scrape out a narrow victory over the Broncos in overtime, and could find itself taking home the MAC Michigan Trophy once more if everything goes right down the stretch. Without English belittling the players its certain the spirits have improved in the locker room, so it's not unlikely that the Eagles could perform better in these final three weeks.
11 11 WMU 1-9 (1-5) Row, row, row the boat up against the stream. Just when things look on the up-and-up for WMU, the Broncos go and lose in overtime to a EMU squad without a head coach. There's no denying it that WMU screwed up Saturday. The Broncos were blindsided by a two-point conversion at the end of regulation, which is mind-boggling considering that EMU needed two points to send the game to overtime. The good news is Zach Terrell is playing like a seasoned veteran.
12 12 UMass

1-8 (1-4)

Bye-week. Nothing to see here.
13 13 Miami 0-9 (0-5) I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Miami is bad. The team is beat up, and there's little hope of the RedHawks getting a win this season. Murphy's Law hit the Miami-faithful hard this season.
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