EMU Student Talks About His Internship With ESPN


Really good story here. He wasn't a student-athlete at Eastern Michigan, but he is a married father of four who left home for ten weeks to intern with ESPN. Chase your dreams, kids.

What Do We Want In A New MAC App: MACtion, DUH!


The Mid-American Conference is getting a new app come July 1. Here are a list of some demanded requested features.

MAC Gems: Bobbleheads, Buttons, and Bogus Awards


They'll give awards to just about anyone these days.

We've Been Verified on Facebook!


Did you know we're on Facebook? If you didn't you better remedy that (, because we've just been verified on creppy social network! now if only Twitter would get on the #VerifyTheBelt bandwagon. Peer pressure, little bird, peer pressure!

#MACtion App, Coming to a Smartphone App Store Near You (In Your Pocket, Probably)


Per Jeremy Guy's tweet, we'll get to have a #MACtion app to download onto our phones by July 1. They're still testing it out, but we're gonna have an app!

MAC Gems: Remembering "Turner the Burner"


Five new (old) gems to add to your collection.

MAC Gems: Freshman Hazing


5 more must have gems for your Mid-American Conference collection.

MAC Gems: Smoking, Drinking, Vandalism


It's Vice City for MAC Gems this week. The strangest items yet to feed your addiction.

MAC Gems: Tim Gullikson, Legend


Five more gems and perhaps our best yet.

MAC Gems: Bonzi's Bling


PAYDAY! Pick yourself up a piece of MAC history.

MAC Gems: Lebron James, Akron Zip


This week's top MAC items for bid on eBay.

MAC Gems: The Greatest Season in Buffalo History


This week MAC Gems offers up a shirt for your back, shoes for your feet, and a look back at the 1958 Buffalo Bulls.

MAC Gems: More Memorabilia For Sale On eBay


The most intriguing MAC Gems yet, including a letter from a former MAClete serving a life sentence in prison.

MAC Gems: More Clownish Toledo Memorabilia


Payday! Here's the best in classic MAC Memorabilia for sale.

MAC Gems: The Toledo Phantom Ring


Hustle Belt looks at five hidden MAC gems available for sale and waiting on your bid.

MAC Gems: Bidding on Greatness


Hustle Belt looks at five hidden MAC gems available for sale and waiting on your bid.

This Lawsuit Could End The NCAA As We Know It

While the Northwestern players' union has been in the news, an under-the-radar lawsuit from one of the most influential sports lawyers in America could blow up the NCAA's amateurism rules.

The Hustle Belt Tournament of Brews


Help us pick the field for our Tournament of Brews where we aim to crown the best damn craft brew in the land.

Northwestern's Union: We've Got Answers

Hustle Belt takes a look at today's decision holding that Northwestern football players have the right to vote to join a union, and explains what it might mean for the MAC, athletes from other...

EMU Fans, Students, Alumni: Where's Your Pride?


Fewer that 400 people showed up to EMU's first men's basketball postseason game in 16 years, despite it being on campus. We've held our tongues long enough: WHERE"S YOUR PRIDE!?

The Best Bars of the MAC


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we created this list of the bars you should be at while celebrating your Irish heritage (no matter how little you might actually have).

Presenting the Directional Michigan University Mascot


Jason Kirk over at SB Nation came up with the brilliant idea of smashing the three directional Michigan's together and forming one MAC superpower: Directional Michigan University, or DMU.

While he came up with most of the logistics of this hypothetical super MAC team, he forgot to come up with a mascot. Combining the best parts of the three school's mascots we came up with this (sorry CMU fans, you don't get to bring any of the Chippewa mascot over, because you know, racism). What shall we name him?

Former Miami Coach, AD Shrider Dies

Dick Shrider, a legendary basketball coach and administrator at Miami University, died this week at age 90. We look at his importance to both Miami and the MAC.

Where Do MAC Football Players Come From?


Have you ever wondered where the parts of your football team come from? Ever wanted to see all that data laid out on a map? Look no further, because we're breaking down where college football...

2013 - A Year In Review: Hustle Belt and the MAC


With 2013 set to wind down, we take a look back at the highs and lows of the year for the MAC and us here at the Belt.

'The Night Before MACmas' A MAC Christmas Carol


The night before Christmas a MAC Christmas carol was born on Twitter.

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