MAC Football Twitter Quide

Our definitive guide for recommended Twitter follows.

For those of you who are not on Twitter, it's for the best. Don't sign up. Joining the site can be a huge time-suck. You can spend hours trying to come up with jokes and get in strange conversations with people you've never met. There are also a ton of horrible parodies out there, athletes make fools of themselves and scintillating yet incorrect information spreads like syphilis riding first class on the Concorde. It also led to Ashton Kutcher's divorce. Probably.

For those who are on Twitter and following @HustleBelt, my condolences. There's nothing we can do. I already tried reporting you for spam and yet you're still here. So let's try to make the best of it. The following is a list of MAC-friendly Twitter accounts.

Bear in mind this is not a definitive list, but rather a list of recommendations. I didn't include every single official MAC school account because some of them are repetitive to their parent account or just kinda blase. I'm trying to hand-pick the ones which are

• Engaging
• Interesting
• Informative
• Moderately active
• Not serial retweeters

General MAC Football Follows:

This is a required following for all MAC fans — .

Jeremy Guy, MAC Director of Communications —

Ken Mather, MAC Media and PR Director —

Zac Jackson, Fox Sports Ohio —

Matt Sussman, MAC Demigod and Hustle Belt founder —

Bryan Vance, El Capitán de Hustle Belt —


Official football account —

Roo the mascot —

George M. Thomas, Akron Beacon Journal —

Ball State:

Athletic Department —

Doug Zaleski, The Star Press —

Alan, Over The Pylon —

Pete Lembo, head coach —

Campus newspaper sports section —

Bowling Green:

Athletic Department —

John Wagner, Toledo Blade —

Jack Carle, Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune —

FalconBlog —

Campus newspaper sports section —


Athletic Department —

Bull Run —

Jon Fuller, Buffalo football SID —

Central Michigan:

Athletic Department —

Kyle Warber, Fire Up Chips —

Nate Schneider, Morning Sun —

Chippewa Country —

Eastern Michigan:

Athletic Department —

Ron English, head coach (and Rapacious Bird) —

Eagle Totem Blog —

David W, no blog, just a good follow for EMU football —

Kent State:

Athletic Department —

Stephanie Storm, Akron Beacon Journal —

David Carducci, Kent State new media director (former beat writer) —


Athletic Department —

Matt Vautour, Daily Hampshire Gazette —

Daniel Malone, The Republican/MassLive —

Bob McGovern, Maroon Musket —


Athletic Department —

Rick Cassano, Cox Media Newspapers (Oxford Press) —

Miami Hawk Talk —

Adam Dietrich, RedHawkInsider —

Northern Illinois:

Athletic Department —

Huskiewire, Daily Chronicle's NIU section —

Mike Breese, Red And Black Attack —


Athletic Department —

Jason Arkley, Athens Messenger —

Rob Cornelius, radio analyst —

Campus TV sports coverage —

Campus newspaper sports section —


Athletic Department —

Ryan Autullo, Toledo Blade —

Paul Helgren, UT football SID —

Let's Go Rockets —

Campus newspaper sports section —

Western Michigan:

P.J. Fleck, baby-faced head coach —

David Drew, MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette —

Saddle Up Fight On —

Bronco Blitz —

Anyone you think was left off? Let us know by leaving a comment

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