Talking Shooty Hoops With Shayne Whittington

Former WMU big man Shayne Whittington is hard at work in preparation for a possible NBA career, but he still gets beat up by his older brother on occasion.

PODCAST: MAC Hoops Tourney Preview & Season Review

Of course, the prestigious MAC tournament happens in Cleveland.

PODCAST: A MACtion All-Star Weekend

What would a MAC All-Star weekend be like? Well how does a weekend featuring a bunch of centers in a 3-point contest, and a couple professional wrestlers taking on David Letterman and Tim Allen in a celebrity basketball game sound to you?

PODCAST: Talkin' Hoops With Brandon Hickey

On the seventh episode of Mid-American Hustle, Alex and Bryan are joined by Hustle Belt basketball editor Brandon Hickey to talk Justin Drummond's suspension, Sunday's wild finishes and answer some questions.

PODCAST: Breaking Down National Signing Day 2014

National Signing Day recap. Analysis, bad jokes, Lion King, etc.

PODCAST: What's P.J. Fleck's Secret?

Brian Persky from BroncoBlitz.com joins the show to break down the WMU recruiting class and explain just how P.J. Fleck has been able to dominate the recruiting trail.

PODCAST: Mid-American Hustle: Episode 4

In this, we talk more MAC hoops and hockey. For basketball, who's number one? For hockey, Miami was number one, what the hell happened?

PODCAST: Examining the MAC Coaching Carousel

The gang is back for another episode of Mid-American Hustle: The Cradle of Podcasts. This time out hosts Alex and Bryan are joined by Jimmy Kelley and Nicolas Lewis to talk coaching changes and a little MAC Hoops.

PODCAST: Mid-American Hustle: Episode 2

Here we go more in-depth about the overall MAC football season. The good and bad, the Jordan Lynch and bowl games. Did the MAC progress or regress?

PODCAST: Mid-American Hustle: Episode 1

A quick recap of the disappointing bowl season and discussing what we've seen from the mens' basketball teams as they begin their in-conference play on Wednesday night.

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