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Bracket Challenge Update: Brian is Still Winning

We're down to the final few rounds already and Brian's lead is only growing.

EMU Fans, Students, Alumni: Where's Your Pride?

Fewer that 400 people showed up to EMU's first men's basketball postseason game in 16 years, despite it being on campus. We've held our tongues long enough: WHERE"S YOUR PRIDE!?

Mid-American Conference School Hubs

Looking for coverage on a specific school? Find all of our team-specific hubs right here.

State of the Belt: A Message From the Editor

As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to take a look at the current state of Hustle Belt, and what the future holds.


Hustle Belt Online Dynasty Weekend Update: 8/24

So we've been running the online dynasty (at least the XBox version) for two weeks now and thought you'd all would like to know what's been going on. Here are some of the highlights from each of...

Have You Joined Hustle Belt Yet?

Welcome new readers. We're glad you're here reading our fun little site. But have you thought aobut joining our community? We'd love to have you.

See you again on the weeknights

A special announcement from the founder of Hustle Belt.

Want To Write About the MAC?

Are you fan of a Mid-American Conference school, or just an avid enthusiast of the entire conference? You just might be in the perfect place.

We're Looking For More Writers/Social Media Gurus

Are you a fan of the great little conference that produced MACtion, or maybe you just follow a specific MAC team or sport? We may have a spot for you here at Hustle Belt where we're looking to grow our pool of talented contributors.

Irish No. 1 In Our BlogPoll Ballot

Irish, Florida 1-2 in our last ballot of the regular season, but of course it's 'Bama that will play in the national title game.


Why Florida Should Be Ranked No. 2

Yes, Florida lost to Georgia. But their overall resume is significantly better than Alabama and Georgia's. Also, Ball State enters our BlogPoll Top 25 this week.

Irish Take Over Top Spot In Our BlogPoll Top 25

Undefeated Fighting Irish shift into the No. 1 spot in our BlogPoll ballot this week. Northern Illinois, Kent State and Toledo all ranked in our Top 25.

Flash In The Pan? Kent State In BlogPoll Top 25

Golden Flashes up to No. 23 after a 9-1 start. The Kentucky loss feels like it happened a decade ago.

Our Blog Bodies, Ourselves

Something is going to happen to us in the near future. Something different. But it's a change that is going to turn us from a child blog into a fully-fledged adolescent blog, full of grown-up...

We're Going On A MAC Social Media Safari

We'll be in the MAC's social media suite for the 2012 incarnation of the Battle of I-75.

Hustle Belt's New Logo, And The Cool Future Of SB Nation

We got a new logo, all part of SB Nation's super-cool overhaul in the near future.

Be Somebody! Be A Mid-American Conference Writer

Interested in a person who is neat and cool and writes about the MAC? You've found the correct website.

Two Years Of This

It's our site's two-year anniversary. My, how we've grown!

Subscribe To The SB Nation YouTube Channel, Why Don'tcha

So you've been watching my videos, right? RIGHT?! Don't answer that. If you've been laughing at the production quality, then that's because I'm sort of a one-man operation. If you've been laughing...

The Summer Of Hustle

It's April and you're still reading this site, so this means you're dedicated. Congratulations! You're addicted to Mid-American Conference sports. Sad to say: there is no cure, so don't bother...

You'll Finally Get To See Me Talk

Coming attractions: Hustle Belt on YouTube. Featuring me and possibly my dog.

Enjoy This Weekend, Be Safe, Because Rufus Is Watching

We'll return probably Monday or Tuesday with some delightful postings: the Little Caesars Bowl (WMU-Purdue) is Tuesday while the Military Bowl (Toledo-Air Force) is the following day. Basketball...

Answer Questions And Hustle For Charity

If you've seen around the other SB Nation blogs, the network is asking you to give us/them some feedback on how much you enjoy this particular little site. It'll take a few brief moments of your...

Look At This MAC Accreditation We Have

If you're a connoisseur of sidebars, then you're probably aware of the new video player here on the right — and it didn't even require any fanfare. But you still may not know why it's there. So...

SB Nation iPhone App Lets You Read Hustle Belt, Possibly Other Blogs

I'm not an iPhone user. My girlfriend has done all the convincing in the world to join up, but I'm steadfast on Team BlackBerry. It's the touch keyboard. I just can't do it. The physical keyboard...

We Can't Believe You're Not Blogging About The MAC Yet

We have it on good authority that there are 50 days until Temple-Villanova, Toledo-New Hampshire, CMU-South Carolina State, and BGSU-Idaho. Our source is a calendar. Our hearts are aflutter. I had...

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