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Ohio Managed to Pull Out Another Strong Year

Ohio Bobcats basketball has become a beacon of consistency in recent years and have found the way to win 20 games a year. This year was no different, just an offseason removed from the winningest...


Reflecting on what it means to be an Ohio University Bobcat

Ohio University athletics have always had a special meaning to me. Whether it was Peden Stadium on a un-seasonably warm September afternoon, the Convo' in winter, or even the frozen waters of...

MAC ties for Bowl Challenge Cup


With Northern Illinois's dominating win over Arkansas State last night, the MAC has tied Conference USA for this year's best bowl record, 4-1 (80%). Four bowl wins matches the conference's total from the previous five years, during which time the conference posted a miserable 4-17 bowl record. Could this be the beginning of respectability for MAC football?

Preview: Eastern Michigan vs. Howard


Less than 36 hours remain until EMU's 2011 football season kicks off, and at last the Eagles will have the chance to put some distance between themselves and the stink of 71-3. It's been 1009 days...

MAC Setting The Standard For NCAA Compliance


17 schools with FBS programs have never been found guilty of any major violation in any sport since 1953, when the NCAA began tracking rule violations. The Mid-American Conference has five such...

Crisis in MAC football?


Peter Schinkai of The Mac Daily says, "...this league needs to make a choice. Either it needs to throw some money behind its programs, start paying its coaches, building better facilities and taking proactive steps to keep good coaches in MAC schools, or its [sic] going to become completely irrelevant."

MAC Football Attendance, 2007-2010


Whether it's football or basketball, MAC fans love to talk about attendance. In particular, we love to worry and whine about how bad our team's attendance is.

The MAC And BCS Don't Give A Horse's Patootie About Each Other: A Love Story


While the BCS debate meanders in an ellipse, Mid-American Conference football is not about national championships. And that's why it's so great to be a fan; the BCS (and the conversation around it)...

Rivals.com bowl projections


They're projecting four of the six bowl-eligible MAC teams to actually get bids. Though this predates Boise State's loss last night, which probably throws the entire bowl picture into chaos.

Hustling Out Of The Gate And Into Your Hearts


No, the Mid-American Conference will never be the Big Ten. Maybe one day it'll happen, in 75 years, when alien craft descend, enslave the earth and deem under-recruited yet capable...

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