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Steve Zakuani releasing 9-track CD in mid-August


Steve Zakuani confirmed on Friday that he's releasing a 9-track CD in mid-August. You may be familiar with his first song released shortly after his leg injury, "Quote Me".

Steve Zakuani with a musical message for Sounders nation. "Quote Me"


Steve Zakuani with a musical message for Sounders nation. "Quote Me"

Poll: Would you like to see Brian Mullan play?


Poll: Would you like to see Brian Mullan play?

Brian Mullan will return from his suspension against Columbus


Brian Mullan to return from suspension against Columbus

Presenting The Akron MACwood Squares


Akron's greatest nine athletes is rife with soccer and women's track/field. The Roo loves non-revenue sports.

Steve's first blog about the injury


Steve, all around great guy that he is, has written a long and heartfelt blog about his road to recovery. I believe he will continue to update us, but this gives us a look behind the scenes at a few things that we would not have otherwise known. The thing that jumped out at me the most is this quote: "One of the people I always look to for advice concerning football issues is my former teammate and friend, Pete Vagenas. Pete is someone I respect a lot and we've been talking almost everyday since the injury, just like we did before, but now instead of just poking fun at each others careers and talents, he's been giving me advice and has made himself available for my many questions." As much maligned as Pete was during his time with the Sounders, this is a huge indication of the value some of the veterans have off the pitch. Building a team is not just about talent on the pitch, it is often as much about chemistry off it (see Bradley, Milton). It sounds like Steve has the right outlook on this. He's a realist (he admits to awful pains and frustrations) but is very optimistic. I am proud he represents the rave green. It will be a thunderous occasion when he finally retakes the pitch at Qwest - it can't come soon enough.

Kyle Martino writes about his call of Zakuani's injury


Basically, the FSC announcer says he blew it. And he's right.

A calmer look at Saturday's tie


Reasons for optimism

Keys to Game: Crew at Seattle


What are the keys to the Seattle Sounders beating the Columbus Crew in a match between two teams that see themselves as contending for multiple trophies this year.

Quick Review: Terry Vaughn had 3 Assists in Sounders 2-2 Draw at Dallas


When a referee is the story of a nationally televised match something is very wrong.

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