Northern Illinois vs. Toledo: A Pregame Q&A With Not Matt Campbell

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No. 16 Northern Illinois heads into Toledo tonight with the MAC West title on the line. The Rockets may be the home team, but are considered the underdogs in this one, so to get an understanding of how Toledo is prepping for this big matchup, we asked Not Matt Campbell, the hilarious parody version of Toledo's head coach Matt Campbell, some questions. Enjoy.

Hustle Belt: Tonight you play host to the No. 16 team in the nation, the Northern Illinois Huskies. NIU is undefeated and is coming off a big win against Ball State, the only team to beat you in the MAC this season. Are you worried at all about tonight's game?

YaBoy Coach Campbell: Not one bit, skippy. Remember what happened the last time a team walked into this place with a fancy little number next to their name? Bernard Reedy happened. David Fluellen happened. Jordan Haden happened and ya boy ruined Cincinnati's season. Gonna do the same damn thing tonight, baby! They don't want none!

HB: Well, how exactly do you plan to stop the Huskies tonight?

YBMC: Two point conversions after every score. If we make it three times, that's like a whole 'nother touchdown!

HB: But how do you plan on stopping Jordan Lynch, NIU's Heisman-hopeful quarterback who has been unstopable this season?

YBMC: HYFR! Coach Tuke has been schemin', been up for three straight days living off Jack Daniels, Sobe and Twinkies putting this plan together.

HB: Over the past decade or so it seems like the MAC West crown comes down to NIU and Toledo more often than not, and some people have come to consider this game a budding young rivalry. But neither school officialy recognizes it as such. What say you on the matter?

YBMC: It wasn't until that felon Jamaal Bass decided to hip check a UT band member. If you see me run onto the field tonight surrounded by all my goons, that's why. The goons don't fuss with that ish, they'll cut him.

HB: Who would win a fight between Victor E. Huskie and Rocky the Rocket?

YBMC: I honestly don't know, but I do know Rocky gets WAY more fresh tail than that ugly mut. You ever see Rocksy the Rocket? She and Rocky get freaky up in the equipment room. I sometimes have to close the door to my office, they have a tendency to get a little rambunctious.

HB: You're a younger guy, so if you win tonight, what will the celebration be like?

YBMC: I'm on my sixth 5 Hour Energy of the day, which means I'll be up all night long. Me and Kevin Hadsell are starting with jello shots on the 50 yard line with all the students and Mayor Bell, we're pickin' up Amstutz, heading to Jake's Saloon for beers on beers on beers, then getting thrown out of a Waffle House, then sex with my wife. Just me and her though, not all five of us together. That's Hadsell's thing, but I'm not about that life.

HB: Lastly, you seem to be a very giving coach. First you bought the team Ice Cream, now you're buying the students hot chocolate. I'd really like a PS4 for Christmas,  Campbell Claus.

YBMC: I can't help you there, I don't make that Tim Beckman money. Hi Timmy :)

Special thanks to YaBoy Matt Campbel for taking time out of his busy day to chat with us here at Hustle Belt.

Be sure to give him a follow, and be prepared to party, because @NotMAttCampbell goes hard.

*YaBoy Matt Campbell is not affiliated with the real Matt Campbell*

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