UMass releases first depth chart of season with very few surprises


It has finally come into view how the Minutemen will line up on Saturday when they visit Wisconsin. UMass released its first depth chart of the season and none of it is particularly surprising.

Red Auerbach once said that it isn't the guys who start, but the guys who finish who really matter. So, in reality, the UMass Minutemen releasing their first depth chart of the season ahead of their season opener with the Wisconsin Badgers isn't that big of a deal, but it does give fans an idea of who they will be looking at come noon eastern time on Saturday.

The one obvious, and glaring, omittance is that of senior captain/tight end Rob Blanchflower. Blanchflower was ruled out on Monday.

Included in the pregame notes package -- which is always great, by the way -- in a rough two-deep chart that basically outlines every player you will see on Saturday. The charts for some positions, specifically the wide receivers, aren't as telling as others, but nonetheless provide a nice outline from which to work.

So bookmark this page for Saturday as I'll be including numbers with each of the players.


QB: Mike Wegzyn (#11), A.J. Doyle (#15)
RB: Stacey Bedell (#23), Lorenzo Woodley (#20)
WR: Tajae Sharpe (#1), Bernard Davis (#88)
WR: Shakur Nesmith (#4), Kevin Lovaincy (#81)
WR: Elgin Long (#16), Iric Harris (#31)
TE: Ricardo Miller (#80), Derek Beck (#89)

LT: Anthony Dima (#70), Tyshon Henderson (#76)
LG: Tyrell Smith (#69), Fabian Hoeller (#73)
C: Matt Sparks (#78), Hoeller
RG: Vincent Westcarr (#79), Al Leneus (#64)
RT: David Osei (#59), Josh Bruns (#55)


DE: Kevin Byrne (#93), Brandon Potvin (#95)
DT: Daniel Maynes (#97), Elijah Wilkinson (#68)
DT: Galen Clemons (#49), Robert Kitching III (#92)
DE: Justin Anderson (#50), Trey Seals (#54)

OLB: Kassan Messiah (#3), Shane Huber (#8)
ILB: Stanley Andre (#35), John Robinson-Woodgett (#42)
OLB: Jovan Santos-Knox (#17), Ed Saint-Vil (#6)

CB: Trey Dudley-Giles (#9), D'Metrius Williams (#7)
S: Khary Bailey-Smith (#21), Joe Colton (#25)
S: Devin Brown (#10), Arthur Williams (#32)
CB: Randall Jette (#4), Jackson Porter (#28)

Special Teams

Kickoffs: Brendon Levengood (#96)
Place kicks: Blake Lucas (#98), Levengood
Punter: Colter Johnson (#91), Jeff Strait (#41)
Longsnapper: Vance Barton (#48), Tim Brandt (#47)
Holder: Strait

Kick returns: Bedell, Jamal Wilson (#22)
Punt returns: Dudley-Giles, Davis

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