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CAUGHT ON AMATEUR VIDEO: Miami's Awful Trick Play

Zac Dysert runs with it, realizes he's outnumbered, and pitches it to Trevor Cook, his kicker. Who left the game with a knee injury.

Miami's playing balls out against CMU today, but this has to be up there in the pantheon of worst playcalls this year.

UPDATE: Even though Miami won the game, commenter thechuck_2112 passes along this explanation: "Apparently Seth Philip (the backup kicker) was supposed to be in. It’s a play they’ve run a lot in practice, and Philip is apparently a pretty fast guy, much more so than Cook. But someone (cough Haywood coaches special teams cough) sent in the wrong personnel by accident."

So Michael Haywood is rising as a MAC Coach of the Year candidate, but he did accidentally injure his best kicker. So remember that.