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MAC Week 7 Attendance Numbers: Better, Sorta

24,761 strong. Mostly disappointed. (<a href="" target="new">Photo: Jason Kaufman/CMU Athletics)</a>
24,761 strong. Mostly disappointed. (Photo: Jason Kaufman/CMU Athletics)

Last week's 14,000 souls who saw Northern Illinois and Temple was a little off-putting, so I ran through the attendance numbers for the six MAC games. Slightly better, even though the smallest crowd saw the most exciting game:

  • CMU-Miami: 24,761
  • Temple-BGSU: 23,045
  • OHIO-Akron: 21,645
  • NIU-Buffalo: 21,230
  • Toledo-Kent State: 20,048
  • Ball State-EMU: 10,956

One day I might have to run through the attendance and compare it against the game temperature and other assorted weather conditions.