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Saturday MAC Review: Misdirectional Michigan

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The whole state just suffered an owie that neither analgesic nor new governor can remedy. Not only did Michigan and Michigan State both drop tough road games, but EMU, CMU, and WMU all fell at home. That's 0-3 for the MAC. Meanwhile, Ohio's conference teams went a robust 5-1. Take one wild guess at which one which one in the Buckeye State didn't win.

We are also left, after this week, with ties aplenty in both divisions and a couple of insane finishes, which is all you can ask for in life. Well, maybe that and comfortable pajama pants.


See that pile of doubt over there? Take this shovel, and please throw three healthy scoops of it into the furnace. This qualifies as the road win with divisional implications. Although it's understandable if you only do a scoop-and-a-half, because the Broncos left six points on the board, which helped.

In some questionable playcalling, coach Bill Cubit decided, down 20-14 and 11 yards away from the end zone in the third quarter, to leave the offense on the field. It didn't work. Faced in the same situation the very next drive, with 12 minutes left in the game, they were fourth and goal at the 8, and turned it over on downs when a trey would've done the trick. Now let's take a shovelful of ifs and buts and heave it into the potbelly stove. NIU remains perfect in the MAC, and ho boy that Toledo game on November 9 looks extra spicy.

Written Elsewhere: Jeremy Werner writes for Huskiewire that there's Chandler Harnish, and there's everyone else ... Graham Couch writes on MLive that WMU, whose West division hopes are decimated, isn't ready to be the class of the MAC ... hey, ESPN's Andrea Adelson handed out a non-AQ helmet sticker to Harnish.


Final - 10.30.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Akron Zips 0 0 0 0 0
Temple Owls 3 3 10 14 30

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It's been exactly 120 minutes of football since Temple has given up a point. That's the impressive part, which means they've gone a combined 72-0 in their last two games. But the puzzling part is why this game was just 6-0 at halftime. Two drives of 84 yards and 91 yards netted two field goals. And then, finally, offense happened. This keeps Temple on pace with the crowded MAC East, while Akron's still searching for that first win.

Written Elsewhere: Kevin Tatum notes on that Temple has won 10 straight home games and hasn't shut out teams in two straight weeks since the Nixon administration ... Nick Menta posts for The 700 Level that the addition of Phillies/Eagles PA man Dan Baker really added something to the event.


So I'm just going to get the Boo/Halloween allusion out of the way right now. Four touchdowns and four interceptions? Yeah, that'll work as a Jekyll-and-Hyde costume for the raucous OHIO Halloween party. But beyond the ghostly quarterback performance, this was a hell of a game. The Cajuns recovered an onside kick with about 90 seconds remaining and three timeouts to try and win one for the Sun Belt (as we've mentioned before, you go for two on the road), but a fourth down sack-fumble in the closing seconds destroyed that possibility.

Written Elsewhere: Frank Solich tells The Post's Will Frasure: "one of the more frustrating games that I've been associated with" ... Jackson set OHIO's school record for career passing touchdowns ... Look, YouTube video highlights! What a novel addition to the coverage!

Ugly, ugly, ugly. The only game with no division contenders was a close-un, but it was also mistake riddled. Combined there was just 538 yards of offense and five turnovers. Still, a game-winning touchdown with 21 seconds left means at least it was close. BG's six-game losing streak is snapped, while CMU's winless streak in turn reaches six. This was also BGSU's first win since 2001 in which they scored less than 20 and won. (Yes, I have the time to look this shit up.)

Written Elsewhere: CMU coach Dan Enos partially defends Paris Cotton's late game fumble ... well, FalconBlog is happy ... the Associated Press reports that BG changed their nickname to the Eagles. Whoa, what a buried lede! (h/t)


Miami finally has win power. And all Buffalo has is ... WIND POWER. Gusts were recorded as high as 38 mph during the game, which might explain the adventures in kicking and punting. And yes, Miami still remains in the hunt for the East. Buffalo is just trying to remain not last.

Written Elsewhere: Bob DiCesare corresponds to the Dayton Daily News how Zac Dysert and Nick Harwell are becoming a dangerous passing pair ... and UB's offensive anemia continues, notes Rodney McKissic of the Buffalo News.



This one looked freaky close in the third quarter — and, heck, the Cardinals had a second-quarter lead — but three second-half turnovers brought out the true BSU football mentality this year. And you can thank the Kent State defense for battering the QB all day and making this possible. The Golden Flashes need a mathematical Christmas miracle to win the West, so bowl eligibility is their goal. Ball State's goal? Don't lose to Akron next week.

Written Elsewhere: Yep, "same old problems" is about right, Doug Zaleski of the Indianapolis Star ... Elton Alexander of the Plain Dealer noted how Andre Flowers helped the Flashes pull away ... my, Josh Cribbs, what a large charity check you have there.



Eastern Michigan absolutely looked like a team that just suspended five of their players. Especially when the backup quarterback comes in for Toledo and pushes the scoreboard past 40. As if there was any doubt, this keeps the Rockets perfect in the conference, with EMU still trying to muster a second win in two years.

Written Elsewhere: The Toledo Blade's Zach Silka chronicles the hit that took Austin Dantin out of this game ...'s Bison Collins Messink writes that EMU regressed ... and OMG EXCLAMATION POINTZ !!!

And that's October! Brace for the final month, generously loaded with ESPN2/ESPNU telecasts of variable noteworthiness.