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Week 9 Belts Saddled Onto Chandler Harnish, Stafford Gatling, Matt Rinehart

The "Hustle Belt" Belt is without a doubt the most distinguished clip art-based award given to Mid-American Conference athletes. Every week such an award will be given to the top offensive, defensive, and special teams player. These athletes can then print off the graphic, if they so choose, and hang it up in their trophy case. Or they can take a regular belt and just paint it gold. They can pretty much do whatever they want.


They're not numbers that fly off the screen, but Chandler Harnish had a 18-for-30, 214-yard game against WMU. He threw two touchdowns, had an interception, rushed for a third touchdown, and threw a two-point conversion. Personally accounting for 20 points in essentially the MAC Quarterfinals oughta count for something. He's not putting up the numbers (Matt Schilz has more passing yards — in fewer games) but he's the most efficient man under center. He chucks fewer picks per attempt than anyone else (4 out of 187) and his team and, oh right, his team's 7-2.

Now let's not forget:
Mike Gerardi, Temple: 15-for-22, 209 yards, TD
Nick Harwell, Miami: 8 catches, 97 yards, 2 TD
Danny Noble, Toledo: 2 catches, 80 yards, 2 TD
Terrance Owens, Toledo: 10-for-15, 4 TD; 3 carries, 19 yards
Bernard Pierce, Temple: 19 carries, 83 yards, TD; 2 carries, 24 yards
Chad Spann, NIU: 22 carries, 146 yards, TD
Jordan White, WMU: 14 catches, 180 yards, TD; 2 carries, 16 yards



T'was just some meaningless MAC-Sun Belt shenanigans in the scope of the MAC East, but senior defensive end Stafford Gatling had a career day for the OHIO Bobcats against Louisiana. Never did he have more than two sacks in a season, and he had three such takedowns, along with three other non-sack tackles. The biggest one, however, came on the final play of the game where Gatling brought down the Cajuns QB on 4th and 3, causing a momentous fumble that rippled through the Hocking River, perhaps startling some smallmouth bass.

Potentially disrupting the slumber of tiny crustaceans:
Vince Agnew, CMU: 9 tackles (all solo), 2 TFL, INT, breakup
Avery Cunningham, CMU: 11 tackles, 63-yard INT TD
Chris Jones, BGSU: 6 tackles, 5 TFL, 2½ sacks, FR
Maurice Jones, Temple: 6 tackles, 2 sacks
Josh Pleasant, Kent State: 6 tackles, 2 INT
Dorian Wood, Kent State: 10 tackles, TFL, 61-yard INT TD


When you get right down to it, football is a game of keep away. Matt Rinehart did that four times for Kent State, puntin' it four times for an average of 52 yards, including a 62-yard thunderpunt. Thunderpunt is a new word I'm going to start using until I forget it.

Capable of bringing electric currents:
Ben Armer, WMU: 3 punts, 51.0 average, long of 56
Kee-ayre Griffin, Temple: blocked FG
Brandon McManus, Temple: 3/3 FGs (25, 27, 45)
Zac Murphy, Miami: 3 punts, 56.7 average, long of 66
John Rachuna, Buffalo: 52-yard field goal