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MAC Basketball Season Preview: Toledo Rockets

An extensive if not comprehensive look at all 12 Mid-American Conference college basketball teams. The opening game is November 10, so we better get started.

Last year: 4-28 (1-15), 6th MAC West; lost to Buffalo in MAC tournament first round; no postseason tournament

This year: Picked last (6th) in MAC West

Coach: Tod Kowalczyk, previously with UW-Green Bay, is in his first season with Toledo.

First Game: Wednesday, November 10 at Illinois (

Can a rocket dribble a basketball? Our current technology does not permit this. But NASA is trying to make this a possibility within the next 10 years.

Toledo Rockets Basketball Roster

# Pos. DOB W H College
Justin Anyijong 1 F - 205 6-9 senior
Dominique Buckley 11 G - 200 6-2 junior
Jess Chadwell 44 F - 205 6-4 freshman
Delino Dear 2 F - 205 6-9 freshman
Malcolm Griffin 23 F - 230 6-4 sophomore
Reese Holliday 32 G - 220 6-4 freshman
Hayden Humes 4 F - 220 6-8 freshman
Zack Leahy 10 G - 185 6-0 freshman
Rian Pearson 5 G - 190 6-4 sophomore
Drew Rodriguez 20 G - 190 6-1 junior
Kevin Rohner 21 G - 165 6-1 sophomore
Devin Russell 35 C - 225 6-9 freshman
Jay Shunnar 22 G - 175 6-1 junior
Matt Smith 43 F - 215 6-7 sophomore
J.T. Thomas 3 G - 180 6-1 freshman
Richard Wonnell 55 C - 240 6-10 freshman
Anthony Wright 12 F - 260 6-6 senior


[cracks knuckles]

Jake Barnett (transferred to Saint Louis)
Larry Bastfield (transferred to Morgan State)
Jordan Dressler (transferred to Columbia)
Ian Salter (transferred to Texas A&M International, Division II)
Josh Freelove (left program)
Mouhamed Lo (dismissed)
Stephen Albrecht (transferred to Brown)
Neil Watson (transferred to Coffeyville [Kansas] Community College)

Transfers (sitting out this year)

Dominique Buckley (Iowa State)
Rian Pearson (Green Bay)
Matt Smith (Green Bay)

(Anthony Wright transferred from Michigan and is eligible to play this season as a fifth-year senior)

Big Nonconference Games

11/10 @ Illinois
11/14 @ Temple
12/4 vs. CIncinnati
1/3 @ Alabama

A Paragraph of Thought on Toledo Basketball

Actually, a paragraph is more than they're worth at this point, because right now the program's net worth is negligible. But we'll indulge them. Essentially, don't read much into what this team does this season, because another four wins would be another minor miracle. Can you blame them? Two years of Gene Cross might've been almost but not equally, damaging as a point-shaving scandal. With his abrupt resignation followed an exodus of underclassmen, and for such turnover to be seen in a program with neither graduating seniors nor NCAA violations is some kind of aberration. Coach Kowalczyk, I hope you brought some Maalox over from Green Bay. Basically watch Malcolm Griffin dribble a lot and try to learn some of the other names.