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Tonight's MACness: Miami-Bowling Green Football, Toledo-Illinois Basketball

Jeez. Some MAC Sabbath. There's games 'n stuff.


The first MAC hoops game of the season. (Woo?) It's not by any means one that's going to make the conference look good, but Toledo's first step of rebuilding the rebuilding process begins with a trip to ex-coach Gene Cross's former stomping grounds as a player. If they keep it within 30, it'll be wondrous. They won't. Guess: Illinois 81, Toledo 49



And then there's this. Call me an optimist, but unlike last night's NIU 65-30 whitewashing of Toledo, we won't even see 65 points combined. And this isn't being optimistic — hey, I know Miami's gonna pound this team — but the Bermanistic DNA in me isn't able to predict that. Both team score three touchdowns, but BGSU misses an extra point and Miami misses two. Whee! Guess: Bowling Green 20, Miami 19