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This Weekend's MAC Games: Our Contribution To Veterans

We can't thank veterans enough. Although I suppose if you kept saying "thank you" every second on the second to a single former American soldier ... that might be overdoing it. The Mid-American Conference faces Army and Navy football this week. But not Air Force. That's a long ways away.

But with two nonconference matchups and a pair of teams out of the MAC championship races, just enjoy the football, and don't worry about the standings.

So, holy crap, look at Buffalo's last three games, including this one: Ball State, Eastern Michigan, Akron. Looks like UB can really end their season on a happy winning streak and go into 2011 with a more confident Alex Dragonzordich. As for BSU ... well, three wins seems enough for them. Guess: Buffalo 23, Ball State 19



The Flashes need to win two of their last three to become bowl-loss eligible. So, basically the next two after this one. Guess: Army 28, Kent State 24


With the Aluminum Compass safe and secure in Mount Pleasant, it's time for second prize. Unfortunately, second place in the Aluminum Compass is the only non-trophy game in the country. Guess: WMU 41, EMU 17


The short Saturday MAC festival rounds out with a reenactment of the French and Indian war, only with some type of "judo-lacrosse" to replace violent bloodshed. Seems like a fair trade ... except that CMU's storied season includes just three wins, two of them against WMU and EMU. On the other hand, Navy did lose to Duke... Guess: CMU ... no, I can't do it. Navy 31, CMU 16