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Today's MAC Basketball Games: Low in Calories

Just a light Sunday. You can jog it off tonight.

3 p.m. — Toledo at Temple

The Rockets are the only team in Division I whose first two regular season games are on the road against ranked teams. So at least their schedule is very impressive.

3 p.m. — Eastern Illinois at Ball State

The Cardinals waited until the sabbath day to finally play their first game. Fashionably late, as always. Two years ago Ball State opened their season with a win over EIU, so they've done this before.

6 p.m. — Kent State vs. Cleveland State @ Quicken Loans Arena

This little World Vision Classic tournament wraps up with a couple of 2-0 teams trying to "win" this championship, or something. The CSU Vikings are a stand-up little Horizon League program and this oughta be a fun little braggin' rights game in the Greater Cleveland area.