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Tonight's MAC Basketball Games: Contributing To The 24-Hour Bender

Cool news! Half of the following MAC games are televised. Bad news! You won't be able to watch either of them.

7 p.m. — Oakland at OHIO

A fun little showdown between two 14-seeds in last year's NCAA tournament. The only thing is, the Golden Grizzlies couldn't get anything done against Pittsburgh, while OHIO famously slaughtered Georgetown. Advantage, Green Bobcats.

8 p.m. — Ohio Dominican (Division II school) at Bowling Green

Losing to one of the 25 worst teams in Division I was not the way BGSU shoulda started. So they kick off the final year of Anderson Arena with a game against a collection of hoopsters picked last in their own Division II conference. I think BG has a chance here.

4 a.m. — Central Michigan vs. Hawaii (ESPN)

The 24-hours of college hoops begins tomorrow at midnight, so if you're unemployed and/or a third shifty (us surface-dwellers call you "third shifties" behind your ghoulish backs), you might be able to catch some of this one. The things they'll do for TV. It'll be 11 p.m. local time in Hawaii, so CMU won't really be asleep during this one. We can't say the same for...

8 a.m. — Robert Morris at Kent State (ESPN)

Ouch, guys. I don't know any students who weren't bleary-eyed at 8 a.m. on a friggin' Tuesday. Pre-game warmups will consist of everybody brushing their teeth and sucking down granola bars. Although ... on Tuesday I don't have to work until 10 a.m., so I might even be able to catch a large part of this. What do I treasure more: blog dedication or extra slumber? No, really. This isn't rhetorical.