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Ohio at Temple Live Blog/Open Thread

Searching for Boo Jackson? It's possible, although don't hold your breath. (This is great advice for everything.) Phil Bates is aimin' to start for the Bobbin' Cats tonight. As for the Owls, their goal is to avenge last year's crucial loss which knocked them out of the race for the MAC East. The inside track is theirs if they can just pop OHIO in the fac... ooh. [gingerly walks away]

Can Frank Solich cook up some inventive plays that'll slow down Temple's defensive line? Will Mike Gerardi continue his surge of impressive quarterbacking in the second-half of the season and put himself up there with Harnish, Dysert and Carder? And are we in store for another field goal? How much fog will descend on Philly? Can they borrow Michael Vick's arm? These are all open-ended questions. Don't try to answer them before pregame; it's just guesswork. Then again, so is this: Temple 33, OHIO 29