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Tonight's MACness (Hoops): A Duke Approacheth

What's going on in MAC basketball tonight (yeah, yeah, we'll get to the football shenanigans later):

7 p.m. — Buffalo at Youngstown State

Throw the preview out the window, because here's what's important: you ain't gonna find a better mascot than a school in Ohio who dares to call themselves the Penguins. You know ... because of Youngstown's prolific penguin population. Their newspaper is also called the Vindicator. Lord, Y'town is fantastic at naming things. If you're unsure what to call your firstborn, just ask a Youngstonian. They'll set you right.

7:30 p.m. — Miami at Duke (TV: ESPNU)

Officially, this is part of the 24-hour marathon. And do the RedHawks have an evil blue prayer in hanging with the defending NCAA champions? Maybe, for 10 minutes. You might point to last year, when MU was ohsoclose to knocking off Kentucky, and you can say they have it in them. Let's just say this one gets uninteresting at the right time: by 8 o'clock, when Ohio-Temple begin their football game.

8 p.m. — Northern Illinois at Bradley

Possibly an interesting showdown. But will it play in Peoria? (60-year-olds are pissing themselves with laughter.)

9 p.m. — Akron at Dayton

Little late to be starting a basketball game without a TV appearance, isn't it? Well ... at least it's a compelling matchup between two underrated Ohio basketball programs. Okay, just this once. Don't let it happen again.