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MAC Football Open Thread: Still Enough Stake, Steak

Steak is also at stake.
Steak is also at stake.

So you're almost done with MAC football? Balderdash. There's a reason to watch/follow all of the following three games, even if the reasons are well-hidden.

12 p.m. — Northern Illinois at Ball State

Okay, I guess this stake can be had here. If NIU beats Ball State on their Senior Day, they automatically win the MAC West. Although if it doesn't happen here, they can still whup EMU in the final week for the divisional crown. But ... what wait, what the heck am I saying? Never bet against Chad Spann. For Ball State, the reason to play is to finish their season with a win. Yes, this is their last game of the year, as they're the only MAC team with a bye next week. Expect some conservative turkey-carving by Stan Parrish, perhaps punting it to his in-laws with the dinner already out of reach. Guess: NIU 48, Ball State 21

2 p.m. — Eastern Michigan at Buffalo (TV: SportsTime Ohio)

The only thing at stake for a 1-9 vs. 2-8 game is to not be considered the worst team in the MAC. EMU's losing streak is three, while Buffalo's is five and going strong. With promising freshman quarterback Alex Dragonzordich gone for the year, it's back to the other quarterback and whoever else they have left running the ball. They've averaged 8.6 points in their 5-game skid, so I'll take EMU's offensive power on a grid with two bad defenses. Guess: EMU 38, Buffalo 20

2 p.m. — Kent State at Western Michigan

The minor stake with these pair of 4-6 teams is evidenced by their records: loser's guaranteed a losing season. Moreover, it's your classic good offense/good defense struggle. But when KSU is moving the ball against WMU, I suppose you can use that time to do some housecleaning. Guess: WMU 28, Kent State 24