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Ohio 34, Buffalo 17: Yep, That's About Right

Very quickly on this game:

• Yeah, that's a score that makes sense.

Boo Jackson threw for two TDs, ran for a third, and caught the fourth on a pass from Phil Bates. BOO BATES is back, baby.

• And hey, congratulations to Buffalo for finally putting points on the board in their ninth fourth-quarter on an Alex Zordich rushing touchdown. However, they remain touchdownless in the first.

• Whoa, what was up with all those second-half penalties, OHIO? Just two in the first, but eight in the second. That includes four penalties on five straight plays, resulting in a requirement to punt on THIRD AND 34. Even Paul Hershey can't Matrixjump over that sloppiness.

• Zordich is playing like a true freshman (8-for-26 passing), and you can tell Buffalo's running back depth is hurtin'. This is a painful combination, but like all MAC teams, it's sinusoidal. They'll get their chance next year or in '12.

• Don't look now, but OHIO has now scored at least 30 points in each of their six straight wins. They're averaging 37. We are not talking enough about this dynamic, two-QB offense where anybody in the backfield can pretty much run, catch, and throw. Salivate for their next game against Temple.

• Decent coverage by ESPNU — this U-shaped Bobcat is going to give me the jibblies — but overall it's nice to see commentators, no matter how on the Bristol totem pole they are, actively talk about the MAC and discuss which teams can contend for the championship and all that rigamarole. I like to pretend at night they do some cram studying on Hustle Belt for their MAC broadcasts, and until disproven, I will continue to think this.