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CMU 26, WMU 22: Ugly Prevails

This game was for Double Trophy points. (via <a href="" target="new"></a>)
This game was for Double Trophy points. (via


A few random leavings from last night's fumblefest:

• And there were fumbles. Nine of them in all, and at the most critical moments. The most talked about one is WMU running back Brian Fields losing it three yards away from a touchdown in the final seconds. The Broncos gave it away four such times.

• Two trophies came into play. You knew about the Aluminum Compass, which is a term only I use, but the Michigan MAC Trophy went to CMU for beating both Western and Central. There's also a Victory Cannon, which is WMU-CMU specific. And that's rather new as well. Trophy overload.

• Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? At least Western was able to move the ball when they kept the ball secure in their torso. That's probably what helped Alex Carder and Juan Nunez play catch all night.

• I hadn't really thought about it, but is Bill Cubit's job status a foregone conclusion? If you read the comments on Graham Couch's column, you'd think there's nothing redeemable. But if you read the actual column, he still belongs in Western.

• But here was my question to Cubit. You were down 10-2 and scored a touchdown, making it 10-8. Why'd ya go for two ... in the first quarter? Maybe I can understand that the safety — always a fluke play — "counted" as the two-point conversion, so going for two after the touchdown was simply free points. But chasing points in the first quarter doesn't make a haypenny's amount of sense. Kick for the single.

• As for Central, what a way to snap a six-game losing streak. But much like BG finally won in over a month against CMU, this was won because of mistakes on the other side. It looked almost certain that WMU was on their way to their first victory in Mount Pleasant since Aught Two.

• This might've been Ryan Radcliff's most complete game. 300 yards, two touchdowns, and a 60% completion rate. He did throw a pick, but other than that, he and Cody Wilson were weapons-grade dynamite all night.

• Great highlight chose to feature in their recap: a failed 2-point conversion after Central scored their 28th point. CRITICAL PLAY, it turned out to be.