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Boo Jackson Hospitalized After Sports Bar Fight

A lot of facts remain in a centrifuge, but what the hey ... I had nothing better to do. Here we go.

Several Twitter/message board rumors are saying that OHIO's BMOC quarterback Boo Jackson got in a fight outside Courtside, a sports bar in Athens, Ohio. The extent of this fight/injury/accuracy is a big ol' question mark.

What's out there: BobcatAttack's message board points to a tweet from a student (we're already in nebulous territory) who says Jackson was taken away from the scene on a stretcher after being punched in the face. University magazine The Speakeasy already has a report discussing the incident, with several sources and some sporadic "reportedlies" and "allegedlies." They confirmed that he was in fact admitted to a hospital, but he left this afternoon.

You all saw OHIO lay it thick on Buffalo Thursday night, so this Bobcats team is snapping and clicking like Bobby McFerrin on offense. When I hear more news about Jackson's injury, we'll pass it along. If you have any true information, we'll also accept it.

UPDATE: Probably the first Twitter mention of the fight.

UPDATE 2: The campus newspaper puts up a report. 20 other players were also present at the time. Not a bunch of new information though ... those facial injuries don't sound too good, though.

UPDATE 3: Speakeasy follows up. Jackson has a bone fracture above his eyelid and may not play again this year. Other details: it looks like Boo's older brother tried to get an underage person into the bar, and the bouncer wasn't having it. Grains of salt may accompany all other details, but it looked like an ugly scene for all involved.