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Temple 28, Kent State 10: Discombobulation Averted


I actually didn't watch any of this game (had to watch Akron try and win!) but judging from the score, it was a fussy day for Kent State on the offensive side, and Temple was able to shrug off some turnovers like irritating dandruff. They probably asked Al Golden which shampoo to buy.

The Owls' passing game had its crowning achievement with 368 yards on just 29 attempts thanks to Mike Gerardi, while the Temple defensive line was able to muster five sacks, led by Muhammad Wilkerson with three. They also recovered three fumbles, including one on special teams. Fun stuff.

This is basically what you get when the defense can't wholly bail out the team. Not when Kent State's offense can't hit the 200-yard mark on offense. The Flashes now dip down to a losing record (4-5) while Temple improves to 8-2 and still has a healthy shot at a 10-win season.

Mood Swingiest Player Of The Game: You'd have to ask Kent State's Sam Kirkland what he thought of this one. He blocked a punt (good!), scored a touchdown on another blocked punt (great!), had a fumble on a reception (bad), and a fumble on a kickoff return (/headdesk). But nothing else worth mentioning.