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MAC Basketball Season Preview: Buffalo Bulls

An extensive if not comprehensive look at all 12 Mid-American Conference college basketball teams. The opening game is November 10, so we better get started.

Last year: 18-12 (9-7), T-3rd MAC East; lost to Miami in MAC tournament quarterfinal; no postseason tournament

This year: Picked 6th (last) in MAC East

Coach: Reggie Witherspoon enters his 13th season as head coach. His record: 144-183.

First Game: Saturday, November 13 vs. Navy

Can a big blue bull dribble a basketball? It could probably headbutt it once, but there's always danger of ripping it apart with those horns.

Buffalo Bulls Basketball Roster

# Pos. DOB W H College
Jawaan Alston 32 F - 225 6-8 senior
Dave Barnett 24 G - 200 6-5 junior
Mike Clifford 44 F - 245 6-7 sophomore
Cameron Downing 33 C - 255 6-9 freshman
Zach Filzen 5 G - 190 6-3 junior
Javon McCrea 12 F - 245 6-6 freshman
Byron Mulkey 2 G - 175 6-0 senior
Auraum Nuiriankh 22 G - 195 6-5 freshman
Jarod Oldham 3 G - 185 6-3 freshman
Corey Raley-Ross 10 G - 185 6-3 freshman
Titus Robinson 30 F - 210 6-7 junior
Tony Watson II 1 G - 180 6-2 sophomore
Mitchell Watt 21 F - 215 6-10 junior
Derek Wolfey 15 F - 230 6-7 sophomore

Departures (all graduating seniors)

Rodney Pierce
Calvin Betts
Sean Smiley
Max Boudreau
John Boyer
Adekambi Laleye

Big Nonconference Games

12/30 vs. BYU

A Paragraph of Thought on Buffalo Basketball

Oh my. When plotting the football team (x) against the basketball team (y), Buffalo might take the trophy in plotted point closest to the origin. They graduated six seniors. (!!!) While unremarkable in the fact that a six-senior team couldn't make much headway in the MAC last year, graduating six seniors is basically a rockin' academic accomplishment. So the commitment level is there, but they're not returning much of anyone that produced last year and they have a pretty weak schedule. Witherspoon is starting all over again. Their top returning player didn't even bucket six points a game. Consider this the de facto piss-poor season until 2011-12, when the vibes will become hunkier-dorier.