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2010 MAC Football Postseason Awards Cheatsheet

Well, here I was, about to hand out some hand-made awards, but the MAC was rapid-fire on their full list, so I'll defer to that one. Nothing left to do but to count up the Hustle Belt belts.

Oh, wait! But we could make the All-MAC lists a little prettier. One rolling scrolling webpage isn't all that sexy. But tables are. As an added flair, we're going to give three, two, and one points each for every first team, second team, and third team selection. Just to see what happens. Points are redeemable at any local grocery store. Just tell them I said so.

Non-table items: Chad Spann (called it preseason!) predictably took home MAC Offensive Player of the Year and the Vern Smith Leadership Award. Michael Haywood is your Coach of the Year for flipping Miami from a very binary 1-11 to East champions. Roosevelt Nix becomes the first person to sweep Freshman of the Year and Defensive POY. And Eric Page is the Special Teams Awesome Dude Of All Time.

Other notes: Davonte Shannon is the fourth MACster in history to be named to four first teams. Temple had eight first-teamers, which is more than NIU and Miami (seven) combined. Eastern Michigan had zero players named, although they beat a team who had three first-teamers.

To the tablemobile!