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MAC Coaching Rumors: Kent State Wants The Big O

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What people are drumming up as pseudo-fact on MAC coaching searches:

KENT STATE — Ten days. That's how much longer we have to wait, at worst, for a new Flashes coach. Jeff Mullen, West Virginia's embattled OC, is in the hunt but the new name is Curt Cignetti, Alabama's wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator. KSU is also considering Pete Rekstis, their existing defensive coordinator, should they want to continue down the same primrose path they're headed.

Haha! But no, seriously. Get a guy who knows offense.

BALL STATE — No updates or names have been floated around, except a hilarious one, which has prompted a hilarious response.

TEMPLE — Welcome to the rumor mill, Owls! This is a new thing for us: you had Al Golden ever since ya joined our humble conference. But you might need to work on the strength of your viable candidates: right now existing defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is the most favoritest person to rise to head coach. What's important for this school is not publicity or a flashy name — that's something they won't get — but a smooth transition into their next glory-days coach. The team is still immensely talented. Might as well keep it in-house is actually leaving town! So get busy with finding somebody who wants to keep up this improbable charade called "Temple football."