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Another One Gone: Haywood Hired Away

Sorry for throwing a cheesy Queen reference into the article title, but it really does feel like another one biting the dust, as the MAC has now seen yet another coach stolen from its ranks by a BCS squad before they even finished filling all the openings that were already pock-marking the conference landscape. Mike Haywood, the man who turned the Miami (OH) RedHawks squad from three wins in the last two seasons to nine (and likely a tenth in their bowl) this season, is off to the warm and beautifully different than Ohio equally sunny Pittsburgh, PA. What happens now? Lets check it out after the jump.

Haywood had a lengthy and diverse career, totaling 16 seasons, as a position and special teams coach before he got his first big break as the offensive coordinator for that no-name guy coaching at the Golden Dome this past decade. Then, in the span of two years starting in December of 2006, Haywood went from coordinator of the vaunted Irish offense, to being stripped of his duties, to being hired as the RedHawks new head coach.

This is an interesting move for both the team losing Haywood and the team gaining him. For the RedHawks, it's only been two years and they start their head coaching search all over again. Though, if former Miami quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is any expert, it shouldnt be too difficult to find a replacement. When asked about Haywood, Big Ben sayeth

"I don’t really know him...what helped Miami, Ohio win this year, in my Brad Bates, the athletic director. What an awesome guy."

Surely, as such a great guy, Bates will find the perfect coach immediately. Hey, maybe he can continue the ongoing trend of theft and snatch Dana Holgorsen from...oh, wait. Well, someone good will come along, I'm sure. As for Pitt, they get a talented, offensive minded minority coach with strong ties in the region and possibly some good recruiting ties in distant locales (he past two seasons, he brought in recruits from 17 different states, including several from talent heavy states like Texas and Florida). Heck, Haywood could easily continue his strong run and pull down a Big East title and BCS berth as early as next season.