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Normally Carlton Guyton's Steals Help The Team, But...

Carlton Guyton (via <a href=""></a>)
Carlton Guyton (via

You can point to Kent State's 8-3 record so far and partially thank junior guard Carlton Guyton. In about 30 minutes a game, he's averaging 12.7 points and 1.9 assists, making about 41% of his threes, and stealing about one basketball a game. If the police reports are true, he also has one stolen car on the year.

Guyton was charged with taking a car without a woman's permission — which is what they call in the business "theft" — on an incident back on December 15.

The story also goes onto say that the same woman claims to have been sexually assaulted. It doesn't indicate if it was Guyton or someone else. Just that ... she might've been. Okay then.

So Guyton has been suspended for who knows how long. They have a game Tuesday night against Youngstown State, so he won't be starting in that game. Indefinite suspensions usually get resolved later instead of sooner, so if these charges end up with some type of plea, we might have seen the last of him.

And unfortunately, given the way these types of stories progress, we may never hear much more about the details of the incident.