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Toledo and Florida International Awarded With Heat Lamp Cheese Bread

We have our first official bowl matchup in the MAC, and like its sponsor, it's done ridiculously fast but not exactly made with the best ingredients.

The Little Caesars Pizza Bowl will pit Toledo against Florida International, per the Toledo Blade, who is AWN IT. You may remember that the Pizza Bowl (née the Motor City Bowl) gets the first crack at any MAC team they want, and they don't necessarily have to take the champion.

They have a history of doing this. Toledo is a nice-sized metro area an hour away, so the travel will be relatively painless for the December 26 matchup. So this is the right selection for a bowl game in Detroit.

Miami-based Florida International is playing in their first-ever bowl game, finishing 6-6 and 6-2 in the Sun Belt. They share the Sun Belt crown with Troy, despite FIU smashing them 52-35 this season. (Who are we to judge their tiebreakers?)

The Rockets and Golden Panthers played each other in '08, and '09, each winning in the other's backyard. We'll obviously have more on this game later.