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Professional Hustlers: Western Michigan

Professional Hustlers looks at the Mid-American Conference studs of yesteryear and what they're doing in the pro ranks right now. Will they make the team? Are they still an elite player? Did they wander off into Canada?

WR Greg Jennings — He's going to be the No. 2 option at wide receiver in Green Bay behind Donald Driver. And what a nice preseason game he had against the Browns, too. If that counts. (It doesn't count.)

S Louis Delmas — An early injury first scared a bunch of Lions fans (and the team) who are all expecting big things from their secondary star. But he's starting to work out in some team drills, and the collective sweaty brow can be wiped with a cloth. We still don't know if he'll be ready for Week 1, but at least he won't be lost for the season. Yet.

TE Tony Scheffler — Then there's this guy, who's also being Lionized. He was traded from Denver to Detroit in the offseason and will be part of those ever-sexy two-TE packages opposite of Brandon Pettigrew. The blocking up front and short patterns will be extremely ... existent.

More ex-Broncos:

QB Tim Hiller — He signed with the Colts after the draft, which meant he was basically fighting for a No. 2 spot. But after seeing zero action in their last preseason game, it doesn't look good for WMU's all-time passing leader.


DE Jason Babin — He's bounced around with three teams in two years. But now with Tennessee, he registered a sack in their recent preseason game and is trying to squeeze onto that line. Not exactly what we expected from a former first-round draft pick, but he'll take it.

OT Joe Reitz — Yeah, we're still talking about that missed goalpost dunk. The ex-basketball player hasn't heard the end of it from everybody, including his coach... so with all this levity, does this mean he's gonna make the Ravens roster or what?

CB E.J. Biggers — Here's a pun lay-up for a headline writer: "Bucs need Biggers to play big." Never pass up the low-hanging fruit. Then again, this is about a Tampa Bay Bucs blog written by a man with the surname "Balog." My word, the punning opportunities ... they're rampant.

CB Londen Fryar — The son of Irving Fryar is currently sans team. But he did tweet to Juice Williams, ex-Illinois quarterback, that he still wants to play. Being a good Twitter user is now a prerequisite.

RB Brandon West — Nope, nothin'. Remember, this guy holds the NCAA record for career all-purpose yards. Nobody wants this guy?

LT Paul Lambert — What, you don't remember the former 2000 All-MAC lineman? Well, the CFL veteran is switching from left guard to center for the Montreal Alouettes, who won the Grey Cup last year. Update your fantasy rosters (rousters?) accordingly.