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Professional Hustlers: Bowling Green

Professional Hustlers looks at the Mid-American Conference studs of yesteryear and what they're doing in the pro ranks right now. Will they make the team? Are they still an elite player? Did they wander off into Canada?

K Shaun Suisham — Of course we're leading off with the kicker. Every football game starts with a kick. Why can't they get the first mention in a blog? Probably because the one-time leader in career NCAA Division I extra points was cut by St. Louis after signing with them a week prior. Cut by the Rams. Months after being cut by the Browns. Well, enjoy the CFL, Suisham! You're Ontarian anyway; the bountiful Mr. Sub locations will a sight for sore eyes ... and wide-left legs.

LB Diyral Briggs — Last year he was a defensive end at BGSU, but he's moving back a unit and impressing the hell out of the Niners. Probably no more than a backup spot, but better than what you'd expect out of an undrafted free agent. Even though the intereception he had against the Colts in the preseason game was promptly fumbled. So he won't make the kick returning team.

WR Freddie Barnes — And what about a current record holder? The NCAA's single-season reception king is trying to make the final 53 for the Bears, but we all know that vaunted passing game is a difficult one to break into. (Can you handle running downfield and being overthrown/underthrown/watching the QB disappear underneath the converging linebackers?) We haven't heard much about him, therefore Brad Biggs probably summed it up best.

C Scott Mruczkowski — Maybe if he loses even more vowels in his last name, he can do better than third-string center for the Chargers. You wouldn't fend to mess with someone named Mrczkwsk. The mere sound of pronouncing that would probably frighten a rhino.

C Kory Lichtensteiger — What's better than third-string? Second-string. That's where the other verbosely-surnamed Falcon-alum center resides on the Redskins chart.

And that's it. No CFLers, UFLers, or ROFLers. Moral: Urban Meyer doesn't recruit NFL talent.