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Professional Hustlers: Kent State

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Professional Hustlers looks at the Mid-American Conference studs of yesteryear and what they're doing in the pro ranks right now. Will they make the team? Are they still an elite player? Did they wander off into Canada? Today: the Kent State Golden Flashes.

So here's why Kent State guys graduate from Golden Flashes athletics and never do what they're supposed to in the pros.

WR Josh Cribbs — People's Exhibit A: Quarterback turned All-Pro kick returner.

WR Julian Edelman — People's Exhibit B: Quarterback turned white Patriots wide receiver.

TE Antonio Gates — People's Exhibit C: Freaking basketball power forward turned tight end.

LB James Harrison — People's Exhibit D: He's always been a linebacker, but his jersey number (92) is not very linebackery. They always find a way to break the mold somehow.

TE Jameson Konz — People's Exhibit E: Tight end turned released football player. And only because of injury. Sorry, buddy. You'll find another team.

DT Daniel Muir — Now here's a gentleman who went from defensive tackle in college to defensive tackle in the NFL. And, of all places, with the Colts. He might even start, the conventional rebel.

S Rico Murray — The Bengals could either take this guy, or Marvin White, a TCU grad. BOO OTHER MID-MAJOR.

OG Jermail Porter — Currently teamless. But make him People's Exhibit E F: He was an NCAA wrestler before turning pro in football.

CB Jack Williams — He hasn't been practicing for the Lions due to injury, and he might not even make the team.

SB O.J. Santiago — So, whoa. O.J. Santiago is still active. He played in Super Bowl XXXIII as the Atlanta Falcons' tight end. THAT WAS ELEVEN YEARS AGO. This summer he signed with the Montreal Alouettes, and I guess it's with great remorse that, since I waited for Kent State to be the final installment, I announce that Santiago was released yesterday.

S Usama Young — He wants that safety spot on the Saints so badly. Some projections have him making the team.

OL Dan Goodspeed — He's a well-traveled tackle who's lately been flipping through the CFL ranks. And it sounds like he's been doing pretty swell in Canada's Breadbasket.

WR Shawn Bayes — He'll play for the Hartford Colonials in the UFL. And according to the Colonials' blog, he'll be ... he'll be ... well? Don't leave us hanging.

And so ends our preseason editions of Professional Hustlers. We'll check back in periodically with our hustling MAC alumni. I hear actual college football starts soon.