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Today's MAC Games: Kent State Asks Sir For Another, Please

We'll have some open threads later today. But for now ... some quick, pithy previews on today's nine MAC games.

The Law Offices of Gardner-Webb are tied for 42nd in the Championship Subdivision poll. Then again, isn't everyone? They're the Syracuse of the FCS. Litigating is their game. Not football. Guess: Akron 31, Gardner-Webb 10

Who knew that EMU and MU — two teams with one combined win in 2009 — have the chance to play a better, cleaner game than Temple-CMU? My point is that they won't, but at least the dream is alive. Guess: EMU 23 (!!!), Miami 16

A big honking preview is up at BC Interruption, with me as a very special guest. Incredibly special. But not special enough to drop some upset balls and give the MAC their first AQ win. Mostly because when BC keeps beating up on the Golden Flashes, you ride the hot hand. Guess: Boston College 24, Kent State 16

North Dakota State was the team that beat Kansas and ex-Buffalo bigwig Turner Gill 6-3 last week. This is the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux, the school that produced Vikings gruntback Jim Kleinsasser and little else. And while we're on the subject, exactly how is Fighting Sioux a quality mascot? Did they know which tribe was on the losing end of Wounded Knee? Might as well become the North Dakota Phoenicians or the North Dakota HD-DVDs. Guess: NIU 41, UND 7

The question on everyone's mind is: will Toledo score nothing but safeties all year? It's a heck of a way to win a ballgame. Give up a touchdown, and you need four safeties to take the lead. Probably not the wisest offensive strategy. Consider getting the ball in Eric Page's hands, although I figure the Bobcats to catch a couple of their passes. Guess: OHIO 31, Toledo 20

What is a Nicholls State, you inquire, since that automatically-generated link up there does squat? They're in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, which is a very fun city to say. Also their beat writer is apparently former Friends icon Matt LeBlanc. The One Where I Make A Prediction: WMU 44, Nicholls 17

Liberty's no slouch. They're No. 18 in the FCS poll and totally wailed on lesser competition 52-7 last week. Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Ball State was having trouble with a SEMO infestation, but they called the exterminator and checked into the Muncie Hotel for a week and everything was cool. Look out for another painfully close call. Ball State 27, Liberty 17

Possibly the most anticipated rematch this week between a team whose mascot involves a hurricane and a team from Ohio. Earlier Preview: At Worst, Just Don't Lose By 56; Guess: Tulsa 31, Bowling Green 23.

Next Game

Remember when both of these teams were at the respective bottoms of their conferences? Ah, memories. Good thing that's not the case anymore, right? Baylor 20, Buffalo 17 ... and, ah heck, let's call it an overtime game.