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Gardner-Webb 38, Akron 37 (OT): Sad Kangaroos


What you see here is Juanne Blount of the Gardner-Webb Fighting Litigators strolling in for the touchdown in overtime, tying it at 37-37. As you can mathematically infer, the ensuing extra point sealed the upset. Akron had its overtime touchdown PAT blocked.

Before that, Igor Iveljic sliced a 34-yard game-winner right after being iced with about 86 timeouts. Before that, Nate Burney fumbled the ball five yards from the end zone. Before that, Gardner-Webb scored 31 goddamn points and will probably become ranked in the Championship Subdivision as a result of this.

If it's cool with everyone, I'll just start discussing Akron soccer games until the football team stops losing in hilarious fashion. Starting with: hey, cool, Akron beat Bowling Green 2-0 today!