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Take A Week Off, Jerry Kill

NIU football coach Jerry Kill is still in the hospital after being admitted Sunday for dehydration. It's looking possible that he might not be able to make the trip slightly southward for the Huskies' third game against Illinois. As Mike at RABAttack notes, it's the same ailment that caused Urban Meyer to retire ... for about a day.

Not to get all too reflective, but when do coaches get days off? Mentally, I mean. They may have a set number of hours they work – let's say, 65 hours – but when they go home ... does their brain shut off? Are they still trying to figure out how to contain the opponent's 3-3-5 defense? Do they worry about run blocking? Coaches turn grayer than sitting presidents.

Kill has had health problems in the past, including a successful win over cancer (the coach's favorite W of all), so he of all people will understand the importance of looking out for one's health. Sometimes we forget or cut corners. But that can happen to the best of us when life becomes a hectic phalanx of tasks and deadlines. For now, rest easy. And demand as much Jell-O as the nurses can provide. Because life normally doesn't hand you Jell-O.