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Temple-'Nova, Toledo-'Zona: Graciously Hosting Teams With Removable Prefixes

Two games shall be played on Friday, and guess what? BOTH MAC GAMES. Mu-hahaha. Now a college football nation will have the following two choices:

1. Watch this football
2. Watch no football

Ergo, please put on a good show, gentlemen. Temple-Villanova is probably not going to be that exciting of a game, but Toledo-Arizona will feature pointillism, the artistic style wherein both teams take either defense, have them kneel, and let the opponent run right by them for touchdowns. We're talking at least 60 points per squadron. It will be enjoyed, and if nothing else, it will be watched extensively.

Unless, of course, college football fans have families and comrades that they can visit and possibly cavort with -- possibly without the use of college football being played in the background. But I am unsure what these people do on Fridays.

MAC fans, however, have no lives, and this is what they will be watching:

So this is a rivalry game, you say? The Mayor's Cup might've been cute before, but it's getting to the point where Temple is on the upswing and Villanova is staying behind as an FCS team. Unless they have plans to promote, it may be wise for the Owls to play this one sparingly and thicken up their schedule, like a fine spaghetti sauce. Philadelphians eat spaghetti, right?

I'm not sure what Bernard Pierce is eating, but whatever it is, we'd like to know his secret. Is it fresh mango? What about nigiri sushi? Clamato? Hell, if it's Clamato, just say so, and we'll try it again. The best running back in the conference (as a freshman) can't really be wrong on this one. Guess: Temple 31, Vilanova 14

Now for the fun one. In fact, that would be a good name for this midwest-to-southwest rivalry: The Fun One. Arizona is this team hellbent on becoming relevant in the Pac-10, and it could be this year, but certainly in 2011, because no Stoops ever ran a football program like a dummy. But the Glass Bowl is a foreign jungle to visiting teams: Colorado was stomped there 54-38 last year. Iowa State was equally ufortunate in 2007, losing 36-35. As was Kansas in '06, Pittsburgh in '03, Minnesota in '01, Purdue in '97 ... okay, the point's been made.

For whatever reason, these teams keep agreeing to play in T-Town, and quite often they get burned for it. If Arizona wins this bad boy -- and I believe they will -- then they better receiver major points for escaping the swampy quicksand and not suffering any casualties. Unfortunately, it was "just a MAC win." Guess: Arizona 43, Toledo 40