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MAC Saturday Night Review: The Four Horsemen Are Represented

Matt Schilz had the sun belted out of him in Troy, Alabama, which is actually a place. (Photo via <a href="" target="new"></a>)
Matt Schilz had the sun belted out of him in Troy, Alabama, which is actually a place. (Photo via

And now for a little Bible lesson. Who knew that the Mid-American Conference was also a bastion of theology? Each of the four games last night represent one of the Four Horsemen of the MAC-pocalypse.

FAMINE — Akron probably wasn't going to win this bad boy, but to land in the end zone nary once? How do you lose by 26 and yet be +3 on turnovers? Probably because every other stat was forgettable. Especially Patrick Nicely's 34.3 completion percentage. Fortunately the Zips get a beatdown game of their own against The Law Offices of Garder-Webb, LLP.

WAR — Get it? When 8 miles away, a record 113,000+ fans packed Michigan Stadium, Rynearson Stadium forgot to pay its electricity bill. After a 10-minute power outage, they were lockin' helmets "under dim lights on one side, no scoreboard ... no public address system and no microphone from the referee." Oh, and Army's Jared Hassin busted through for the game-winning touchdown on the final minute. We did learn, however, that Alex Gillett and Dwayne Priest are gonna be putting up tons of yards on the ground all year. And if they do get that one victory, they'll have the highest rushing yards-to-win ratio.

PESTILENCE — It was the most even game of the entire day in the MAC, with BG taking a 7-point lead, then Troy basically responding without fail every time. Back, forth. Zig, zag, Pork, beans. But the maladies were contagious in the second half in the form of mistake after debilitating mistake.

First it was a simple missed field goal. Then an interception. Then a silly, silly 15-yard deadball penalty. Michael Taylor's lay-up field goal -- whose degree of difficulty was curbed by that Falcons late hit -- was the difference in the final seconds. And while Willie Geter will be a crucial part of the offense, it might, MIGHT be a solid idea not to use a 5'8", 175-pound guy to be your goal-line back.

OHIO BOBCATS — You may just write it off as a cakewalk over an FCS team, but the States of North Dakota and Jacksonville showed that it's not always a given thing. Boo Jackson became the starter du jour after Philip Bates was struck down with some type of injury. Then again, it's easy to pull off a win when the other guys don't complete a single pass.

Also, your Bible may consider the fourth horseman "Death," but remember there are many different versions out there. In mine, the fourth is OHIO BOBCATS.