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Tate Forcier Will Make An Excellent MAC Quarterback

So the once-prized Michigan quarterback hasn't transferred ... yet. Although another No. 5 Wolverine has decided to. But the writing was on the depth chart, which was likely plastered to a wall, for Tate Forcier. "I'm out," he told At our regional headquarters, Ian Casselberry wrote that if he doesn't like it, he oughta leave.

We agree! Come to the Mid-American Conference, Tate. We need quarterbacks. Like, badly.

And you wouldn't be alone. Current OHIO quarterback Philip Bates came from Iowa State. Former Akron quarterback Luke Getsy, who led the Zips to their first MAC title, came over from PIttsburgh. Ex-Notre Dame quarterback Demetrius Jones transferred to Northern Illinois, but he couldn't hack it so he went to Cincinnati instead.

There are plenty of options for you. Let's speculate for some of the best locations, since it's what we do best:

BALL STATE. Did you see what Nate Davis did in 2008? Well, that could be him! (Note: this may not be him.) This will also open up the door to the fantasy football team name "Balls Tate Forcier." Snicker.

KENT STATE. The same play-on-words will apply, as will the bonus nickname "Golden Tate." Which is someone else entirely, confusing several people who don't understand headline humor.

MIAMI. Solid effervescent program. He's already accustomed to the block "M." Also, they're looking for a famous alum on future media guides who won't change their hometown to a nonexistent city.

EASTERN MICHIGAN. Alex Gillett may tell everyone that the seat under center is taken, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to transfer very far? It's just six miles down the road. Same county and everything. He wouldn't even have to learn new roads. He'll know to avoid Washtenaw Ave. during rush hour. And EMU usually faces Michigan every couple of years. It's honestly his best chance to start a game in The Big House.

WESTERN MICHGIAN. Their attendance is the highest in the conference, so it's almost like playing at Northwestern. And who can say no to the proliferation of WESCO gas stations on that side of the state? Just get one of those popcorn-for-a-year buckets, and you've got post-practice snacks covered.

Counterarguments against this include other recent Michigan transfers. Ryan Mallett, who's spearheading the Arkansas Razorbacks offense, and Steven Threet, who got the starting jorb at Arizona State. Bully to all that. They won't love you like the MAC will.

Fans, make your own pitch if your team was left out. But Forcier really can't go wrong with any of the 13 schools. Mostly because all of these helmets come standard without wings.