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MAC Basketball Power Rankings: Or, Which Lottery Numbers Are The Best

Because guessing is easier than splitting hairs.
Because guessing is easier than splitting hairs.

Rarely do you see any level of seer or mystic try to predict which lottery numbers will be chosen for the Powerball, and why would you? Because then EVERYONE would choose those numbers, and you'd get a smaller slice of the millions of dollars, leaving you with, like, two million bucks. And that's just silly.

Much as it is with MAC basketball. You've got Ball State at an unblemished 3-0, but they beat Central Michigan only after a bad ankle befell Jalin Thomas. They could easily be 2-1. The power flowchart in the MAC East is a hexagonal daisy-chain. And I hear the Rockets are going to play through their full schedule. In fact, even hoop statisticians agree that it could be basically anybody except for Toledo. And even those probability numbers for EMU, Bowling Green, and Northern Illinois seem a little low.

This also means you're looking at another for-sure one-bid year. The only way this doesn't happen if Ball State separates itself out of the lottery sphere and vaults into an unblemished conference record (and wins their BracketBusters game). If they lose in Cleveland, I don't know how the committee sends a 25-5 team to the NIT, even with the loss to Alaska-Anchorage.

Having said that, I hope you all agree with the placement of the lottery balls in the machine. Agree? Disagree?