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Baker's MAC Dozen: 1/19/11

12+1 teams, 12+1 links.

AKRON — American coach with Australian mascot goes to Caribbean nation to find players for European sport. [ABJ]
BALL STATE — The current ESPN Bracketology has them as a 14-seed, facing Purdue in Chicago. [ESPN]
BOWLING GREEN — Get knocked down, start another streak. BG women beat Buffalo 72-61. []
BUFFALO — Paritybomb! Bob DiCesare knows what I'm throwin' down. [Buffalo News]
CENTRAL MICHIGAN — Could go either way with the injury to Jalin Thomas on Thursday. [@ellisdrew]
EASTERN MICHIGAN — The first half of their game vs. Ball State won't be on the radio, thanks to Michigan governor Rick Snyder's speech. []
According to this 2003-era website, Flashes gymnastics is 11th in the country. [GymInfo]
MIAMI — No more Native American logos on stuff for sale. They're not the Redskins anymore [Oxford Press]
NORTHERN ILLINOIS — Same some MAC East POW honors for the rest of us, Xavier Silas. []
OHIO — D.J. Cooper leads the country in assist rate (assists/FGs) [KenPom]
TEMPLE — The new Steve Addazio flock adds a strength coach, but there remains no OC. []
TOLEDO — Another transfer comes in for the hoops, this time from New Mexico. [Blade]
WESTERN MICHIGAN — Whoa, when did their hockey team get good? [MLive]

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