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Best Pregame Ritual: Arab Player Gets The TSA Treatment

Now that I have located video evidence (albeit blurry, but it's freakin' Toledo basketball, so it'll have to suffice), it's time to share the most topical and bitingly hilarious sight I've seen athletes do in person.

Lots of basketball players and teammates have these quirks or habits when being introduced in the starting lineup. There's the aerial shoulder bump, the low-five, the salute, and many others.

But here's the best one: Toledo guard Jay Shunnar, who is of Arab descent, will walk through his teammates, and be greeted by a teammate at the end of the line. Shunnar then outstretches his arms as the teammate pats him down.

Cut to the :40 mark for the impatient:

I should mention that Shunnar is one of my favorite players for Toledo; he joined as a walk-on and continuously saw his minutes increase. He's also a biomedical engineering major and probably smarter than you. Unfortunately he's had a bad streak of games lately and Zack Leahy (another walk-on) had a valiant game against Bowling Green, so you might not see the Shunnar frisking for very long.