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More Fun With Super Bowl XLV Players From The MAC: Double Almae Matres

Because our fascination of Hustle Bowl I isn't just relegated to the sheer volume of Mid-American Conference players, there's more work to be done. It began when I didn't know who I wanted to win Super Bowl XLV, because there's a Bowling Green player on each the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.

You see where I'm going with this, hopefully. There are 13 schools where each team has at least one member on their active roster:

Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Miami University
Ohio State
Penn State

Conference breakdown:
SEC: 4
MAC: 4
Big Ten: 3
Pac 10: 1
Big East: 1

In all fairness, I'd give the SEC the tiebreaker because they have the only school (Tennessee) with two players on both teams.

Packers: Linebacker Diyral Briggs, who began the year with the 49ers
Steelers: Shaun Suisham, who began the year with no team

Packers: Cornerback Josh Gordy, defensive end Cullen Jenkins and linebacker Frank Zombo
Steelers: Wide receiver Antonio Brown, and actually just him.

Packers: Offensive lineman T.J. Lang, who saw time in the NFC Championship
Steelers: Quarterback Charlie Batch, who saw time during Big Ben's suspension

Packers: Blocking tight end and S/T specialist Tom Crabtree who did score a TD in the playoff win over the Eagles
Steelers: Some quarterback named Ben Roethlisberger from the fictional town of Cory Rawson, Ohio