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MAC Pick 'Em Week 5 Standings

The week isn't over yet as I type this, but unless Ball State pulls off the biggest upset of the year, with the biggest comeback of all-time (and it would stand forever), I don't think it's gonna happen.

This week was pretty straight forward.  Everyone picked the same games, except UConn-WMU (and one fellow who picked Akron over EMU).  That was the only differentiation we had.  So basically, if you picked WMU to win, kudos.  Also, due to the fact that Toledo-Temple was the GOTW (by a whopping 75%) , and the fact that EVERYONE missed that game, and the NIU-CMU game, it was a really low scoring week.  If you missed out (and a lot of you did), don't worry.  You missed a 1-pt bonus, and a low week.

Anyways, time for our winner.   Or shall I say winners.  Yep that's right.  We have a tie.  We never really got through to a 3rd tie-breaker, probably because I didn't see a week like this happening.  Your high this week was Central, followed by NIU.  Your low this week was Miami, followed by Ball State.  Now both NIU and Ball State were picks for their respective categories, but by rule, neither won (it kills me because I had both, but so did HuronBoy).  Therefore, we have to declare a tie.  Your 5-WAY WINNERS are:  Brown and Gold, OHBcats (3rd time winner), rlonghini34, WMUpilot, and HuronBoy.  Congratulations.

Total standings are below.  One final note:  We will try to return the pick 'em to Wednesday due to the low turn-out this week.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone.



OHBcats 10
Brown and Gold 10
rlonghini34 10
WMUpilot 10
HuronBoy 10
Matt Sussman 9
Chippewa Blue 9
bmiraski 9
slidingscrapes 8
geeves 4