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Hustle Belt MAC Player of the Week: Richie Smith

Richie Who? A man so obscure there's no photographic proof of him! (That's right, MAC Digital Network's highlight reel doesn't go past 24-17 for some reason). Yes, there were certainly some more impressive offensive performances, but Smith had the most impressive play that I saw (that's right, folks, I've decided to actually start watching these MAC games online).

Clinging to a one point lead, the Bulls had Ohio down to their last gasp, and Smith broke through for a sack of Ohio's Tyler Tettleton that resulted in a forced fumble and a change of possession that nailed the Bobcats' coffin shut due to a lack of timeouts. Kudos to Richie (since this may be his one moment to shine all season).

Runner up status to MIAMI quarterback Zac Dysert, who completed 24 of 37 passes for 342 yards and three scores in leading the RedHawks to their first win of the season over Army, and Nick Harwell, the team's leading receiver who caught two of those scores as well as eight other passes for 186 yards in total.

Head past the jump for the rest of this week's close-but-not-quite performances.

Bernard Pierce (Temple) - 30 carries for 121 yards and 3 TD

Alex Carder (Western Michigan) - 18 of 26 for 212 yards 3 TD 1 INT, 13 carries for 95 yards and 1 TD

Jordan White (Western Michigan) - 12 rec for 156 yards and 2 TD

Eric Page (Toledo) - 11 catches for 109 yds and 1 TD, 85 yard punt return TD

Branden Oliver (Buffalo) - 34 carries for 179 yards and 3 TD, 5 rec for 43 yards