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Hustle Belt Power Rankings: Week Seven

Looks like the good teams are rising to the top of our rankings - and the divisions. There are minimal moves beyond Western, Toledo, and Miami making climbs that coincide with their continued and/or newly discovered momentum.

The Broncos jump to the top of the line on the strength of consecutive wins, while the RedHawks' offense pulls them back up off the bottom of the pile (with winnable games in sight).

There definitely appears to be some momentum building for a lot of teams, though not all of it is good (Kent, Eastern).

Follow after the jump for details about each team.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 2 (4-2) Did exactly what they needed to (and then some) to take down Bowling Green, rolling them on up into our top spot. Of course, this must mean they're destined for a fall…oh wait, they get NIU's defense. They'll be fine.
2 1 (4-2) Was not expecting Buffalo to put up 38 points on Ohio, no matter how many injuries the defense was dealing with. Tiny problem - Keith Wenning is a better quarterback than Chazz Anderson.
3 3 (4-2) There's the Bernard Pierce we know and love. Hey, Chester Stewart even did his usual "just enough passing threat to keep the defense from stacking the box." Let's see what they can do against Buffalo, who may be prime for a bulldozing run game.
4 6 (3-3) Toledo did exactly what they were supposed to (and what I said they would) against Eastern. Perhaps they've found their footing and are well on their way to mucking up the divisional race.
5 4 (3-3) Not surprised that they fell to Western, given the roll that they weren't on leaving Morgantown. Good to be back home, now lets hope that they can avoid getting embarrassed by the likes of Fluellen.
6 5 (3-3) Like I said, getting manhandled by Oklahoma didn't mean much. Getting the same treatment from Temple? Now that may be cause for concern. Run defense is clearly becoming a concern, as well as Keith Wenning finding enough space for his passes. Let's see if he can capitalize on the same injuries Buffalo did.
7 8 (3-3) So what did we learn this past weekend? That the defense is bad, but not bad enough to shut down a pop-gun offense like Kent's. Have fun getting re-exposed by Alex Carder, my friends.
8 7 (3-3) I guess that was about as expected. Shut down the run game, you shut down Eastern Michigan. This coming week against Central, I'm sure their offense will rebound some, just probably not enough to keep up with Radcliff.
9 9 (2-4) Here it went again. Started off strong, then their opponent adjusted at halftime and amost completely shut them down. They'll rebound with a win over Eastern, but I don't know that it will truly solve any of the problems that kept them from beating NC State or Kentucky.
10 10 (2-4) Chazz Anderson is good enough to pick apart a weak secondary. We now know that. And Branden Oliver needs his touches to warm up and can power through to good numbers once he does. Don't expect either of those to happen against Temple.
11 13 (1-4) Hey, RedHawk offense, where've you been? Great to have you here for this season. The team I watched hang on to beat Army isn't amazing, but is most definitely capable of winning three of their next four (at Kent, home for Buffalo and Akron).
12 11 (1-5) Down 10 with eight and a half to play, the Zips drove from their own 20 to the FIU 11…followed by an incomplete pass and a fumble. Not sure that the frustrating losses are better than the blowouts. Good time for a bye.
13 12 (1-5) Spencer Kieth had his second pass attempt intercepted for a touchdown. Chester McCloud came in and wound up sacked (9) more times than he completed a pass (6) in 31 drop-backsas part of Kent's 70 yards of offense. Can Roosevelt Nix just leave for the NFL now?