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The NBA Lockout's Loss Is MAC Football's Gain

I bet you're wondering how in the world the NBA lockout affects MAC football. That's your question, right? Here's your answer.

Per MAC communications director Jeremy Guy, NBA games that would have been televised during the first two weeks of November have opened up programming slots, and some of those delightful weeknight MAC games have all moved up on the Worldwide Leader totem pole.

Wednesday, November 2, Temple at OhioNow on ESPN instead of ESPN2 (still at 8 p.m.). This would have been the Miami Heat at New York Knicks. It's admittedly, even from this unabashed MAC fan, a downgrade.

Thursday, November 4, Central Michigan at Kent StateNow at 8 p.m. on ESPN2 instead of 6 p.m. on ESPNU. ESPN was going to show the Boston Celtics at the Atlanta Hawks, so I am assuming that the originally-scheduled USC-Colorado game on ESPN2 is moving to ESPN, bringing CMU/KSU into the ESPN Numeral stations.

Wednesday, November 9, Miami at Templenow on ESPN instead of ESPN2 (still at 8 p.m). This would've been the Houston Rockets at the Philadelphia 76ers, so at least Philly people can still turn on the channel and see their home team. But then they'll think they were playing the Rockets, but they already played Toledo earlier in the year, and that's not a round ball. And by the time they figure it all out, Bernard Pierce has 200 yards.

Only two weeks of the NBA lockout have been announced so far, so barring a miraculous compromise in the coming weeks, more games might shimmy their way up the ESPN ladder of networks. As might the MACsketball.