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MAC Pick'em Week 7

This is the official mid-way point of the season, with all the bye weeks remaining. Yeah, it feels like it's been forever since the opening whirlwind that was Week 1. Now we are in full conference play from here on out.

From here on out, we won't have more than 6 games a week. It will be nice and easy picking. Oh wait, its conference games. I meant to say, intense. Yeah, that's it. Anyways, here is the overall standings. As you'll see, it's getting intense at the top.



Brown and Gold 80
Matt Sussman 80
OHBCats 79
WMUpilot 77
ChippewaBlue 76
rlonghini34 76
HuronBoy 75
bmiraski 73
slidingscrapes 72
geeves 61

Picks after the jump. Enjoy another 3 point week everyone.


#4 Toledo @ #5 Bowling Green - I watched Bowling Green get demolished by Western. I have no doubt in my mind that Toledo should do the same in the Battle for I-75, Ohio edition.

#10 Buffalo @ #3 Temple - Temple should win. They aren't injured, they are at home, and they've already been knocked off their pedestal once. What am I saying? Temple should be able to run through the East

#8 Eastern Michigan @ #9 Central Michigan - Western wins. Oh wait. Uh, do I have to pick one? Central I guess. Actually, nice fact to know. If Eastern wins, the Michigan MAC Trophy will be up for grabs next week in Ypsilanti. If Central wins, they can retain the football version of the trophy if Eastern can beat Western.

#6 Ball State @ #2 Ohio - Oh wow. This is very tough. Neither team looked good last week. I have to go with Ohio and Tyler Tettleton at home.

#11 Miami @ #13 Kent State - Another tough one, but I have to go with Miami and the fact they have an offense.

#1 Western Michigan @ #7 Northern Illinois - NIU needs a win so bad. Western needs to show they can beat the "upper levels" of MAC play. If the NIU defense plays like they have lately, this is a no contest.


High: Temple
Low: Buffalo