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WMU Recap of Western Michigan @ Northern Illinois

Well the ride that was this "magical" year probably came to a screeching halt today.  I can't even comprehend what happened.  A 15-7 Bronco lead evaporated, and what was a game, became a slaughter-house.

700 yards.  That's how many yards the Huskies gained.  Well, just shy, but still. 

500 yards.  That's rushing numbers, or just about.  I have no words.

44-0.  That's the run the Huskies went on.  Again, nothing.

I can't even speak its just staggering.  This is a Bronco team many thought would compete for the the MAC West.  Now, I'm not even sure they will compete with Akron let alone Toledo.  Western only gained 324 yards of offense on a defense that "is poor".  Uhh.  What defense is poor?  700 yards

Western gets Eastern next week, who just sneaked by Central to make the match-up in Ypsilanti the battle for the Michigan MAC Trophy.  Western won the inaugural trophy, and haven't won since.  They dominate the basketball version, so it would be nice to win the football version while Central is down.

Sorry about the crappy recap, but I cannot properly review what happened to Western today.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone